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TimeProgram Item
8.30Welcome and Introduction
8.35Visual Place Recognition - Tutorial and Overview
9.00Invited Talk – Josef Sivic (INRIA)
9.30Invited Talk – John Leonard (MIT CSAIL)
10.00Coffee Break
10.30Short Presentations of Contributed Papers (5 minutes each)
10.30Choi et al. – All-Day Visual Place Recognition: Benchmark Dataset and Baseline
10.35Johns & Yang – RANSAC with Geometric Cliques for Image Retrieval and Place Recognition
10.40Mishkin et al. – Place Recognition with WxBS Retrieval Retrieval 
10.45Neubert et al. – Exploiting intra Database Similarities for Selection of Place Recognition Candidates in Changing Environments 


Sikirić et al. – Robust Traffic Scene Recognition with a Limited Descriptor Length 
10.55Poster Session of Contributed Papers
11.50Open Discussion and Conclusions
12.00Wrap-up / Lunch