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Jake Bruce, Jens Wawerla and Richard Vaughan 

The SFU Mountain Dataset: Semi-Structured Woodland Trails Under Changing Environmental ConditionsPDF

Ross Finman, Liam Paull, and John J. Leonard 

Toward Object-based Place Recognition in Dense RGB-D Maps PDF

Yanagihara Kentaro, Ando Masatoshi, Chokushi Yuuto, Tanaka Kanji 

An Experimental Study of the Effects of Landmark Discovery and Retrieval on Visual Place Recognition Across Seasons PDF
Tomáš Krajník, Jaime P. Fentanes, Joaõ M. Santos, Keerthy Kusumam, Tom Duckett FreMEn: Frequency Map Enhancement for Long-Term Mobile Robot Autonomy in Changing Environments PDF

Stephanie Lowry and Michael J. Milford 

Change Removal: Robust Online Learning for Changing Appearance and Changing ViewpointPDF

Alejandro Maldonado-Ramírez, L. Abril Torres-Méndez 

Using Super-color-pixels descriptors for Tracking Relevant Cues in Underwater Environments with Poor Visibility Conditions  PDF

Olga Vysotska, Cyrill Stachniss 

Lazy Sequences Matching Under Substantial Appearance ChangesPDF


The workshop will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 26 2015. This is the first day of the conference.